Xpede has the utmost respect and deeply care about your privacy. Thus, we do not sell your data or information. However, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) has a broad definition of the word “sale” and it may include sharing your information with ad partners or affiliates under certain circumstances. By opting out, Xpede will not share your data or stop if your browser is shared with certain ad partners and/or affiliates, and you will stop receiving interest-based advertising based on your interactions with this site from Xpede on some sites and/or services. That opt-out is only effective on the browser level and on If you clear your cookies on this browser or use a different browser, you will need to renew your request.

For more information, please see Xpede Privacy Policy. Please click on the “Opt Out” button below and press sent to “Opt Out.”

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