The Driver/Courier Earning Model

Unlike other app-based delivery companies, our earning model is straightforward and simple to calculate. It is based on a flat percentage rate and there is no hidden fee, whatsoever. Here is how you calculate your earning for each delivery order:

Base/Minimum Pay + Tips (if any) + Promotions (if any) = Total Earning Per Delivery Order Completed
60% of Delivery of Costs Driver keep 100% Tips from Customers Certain Peak Time Pay or Special Offers Add this amount to the total delivery orders completed to get your “Total Earnings”

Base/Minimum Pay

Base pay is XPEDE’s base contribution for each delivery order. This amount is your portion of making the delivery, which is 60% of the delivery cost paid by the customer. Regardless of the customer’s tip amount, the base pay will not change and you will always be paid the base pay.


Customers can leave a tip when they check out or after the delivery is completed. One hundred percent (100%) of tips are yours on top of base pay and promotions. The amount XPEDE pays will never vary based on the tip amount.


Promotions are opportunity for the driver/courier to earn additional money for certain delivery orders where Xpede is offering to the driver/courier to perform the delivery either due to the peak hours or period where there are a lack of drivers available (i.e. – during the Holidays or traffic hours) or the distance of delivery is unusual.


If you have any feedback about our earning model, we would like to hear it in order to improve the service to you and the customers, so please share your feedback with us by clicking here.